March 12th, 2004

John Stewart

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The tinfoil hat crowd has pointed out that the Madrid terrorist attacks yesterday came exactly 911 days after 9/11/2001.

Is that spooky or what?
response.write datediff("d","9/11/2001","3/11/2004")
Oops, sorry, folks. Better make that 912 days after 9/11.

Not quite as spooky anymore. Maybe the terrorists forgot about the leap year.

The datediff() function in VBScript does not include the start date in its count (datediff("d","9/11/2001","9/12/2001") returns 1, not 2). Therefore, the only way to say 3/11/2004 is 911 days past 9/11/2001 is to start counting with 9/12/2001 as day zero, which clearly is cheating.

If 9/11 had been part of the count, the result would have been 913.
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I'm awake because of a tummyache. Tomorrow is gonna suck.

On Jan 31st I turned ten thousand days old. Silly me forgot to celebrate.

I'm ten thousand forty-one days old already. Time does fly.