March 19th, 2004

Philip Fry

The Friday Five!

1. If you owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
Gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You'd have your choice of fancy breads, every peanut butter from smooth to chunky and exotic jellies from around the world.

2. If you owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
I probably know enough about electronics to sell them, but the retail market is too competitive. Who wants to work in retail, anyways?

3. If you wrote a book, what genre would it be?
I guess it would be in the "nonfiction: technical manual" genre. The only thing I'm qualified to write about is website design and Photoshop techniques. That, and the sweet science of pleasing a woman.

4. If you ran a school, what would you teach?
I'm far too impatient to teach anybody anything. But the only thing I'd be qualified to teach is website design and Photoshop techniques. That, and... oh, who am I kidding?

5. If you recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
Contemporary remakes of classic television theme songs.
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It turned spring at exactly 10:49 pm our time. It's been spring for almost an hour already.

I'm glad winter is finally over.

It's been a lovely season so far. Haven't done any spring cleaning yet though.