March 21st, 2004

Philip Fry

A Post for the Gamers

Y'know, the World of Warcraft beta testing period started a few days ago. Although I registered, I was not invited. I think I heard around 400,000 people applied, and I doubt they'll use more than a couple thousand testers.

But in the meantime, the City of Heroes beta testing has been going on for a couple months. Between Monday and April 7th, they'll invite all their pre-order customers to join the beta. With any luck, I'll get my invite sooner than later. I need a good MMO in my life.

Is there anyone else who's interested in these two games? Or am I just a super-dork?
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I feel great!

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I downloaded some new music today. Two tracks I got really stood out:

Muse - Time is Running Out
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

They are alternative-rock type songs. If you're into that kind of music you should really dig up these two cuts on your favorite file-sharing app. I bet you'll be glad you did.

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Oh, I forgot to mention I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night! It was incredibly good. Amazing good. Go see it.

I was waiting to hear the song from the trailer. But it wasn't in the movie, and it was too cold to sit through any of the credits.

Does anyone know what that song is?

(Edit: The song in the trailer is Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. What a neat song. Must download.)

This song keeps getting better too... the Postal Service one. Did you download it yet? See my post from one minute ago.
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