April 20th, 2004

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You may have heard in the news that Blender magazine has rated the 50 worst hit songs of all time. I haven't found the whole list, but here's the top 10:
  1. Starship - We Built This City
  2. Billy Ray Cirus - Achy Breaky Heart
  3. Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight
  4. Limp Bizkit - Rollin'
  5. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
  6. Huey Lewis and the News - The Heart of Rock-and-Roll
  7. Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry, Be Happy
  8. Eddie Murphey - Party All the Time
  9. Madonna - American Life
  10. Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder - Ebony and Ivory
So, what does it mean if eight of these songs are currently in my iTunes playlist? Heck, I love "We Built This City", and I'm not afraid to admit it!
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    Starship - We Built This City
I feel great!


Have you ever heard of Rooney? Lauren (lorkel) picked up their CD at Tower, and I just ripped it. I've listened to a few tracks off it, and I'm already hooked. These guys are awesome! They sound like Weezer, but with more Beach Boys style harmonies, if that makes any sense.

I foresee big things for these kids.
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    Rooney - Stay Away