April 22nd, 2004

My Name Is Jarrett, and I'm an iPod Fan

Lauren let me borrow a handful of her CDs, so I spent all night ripping them for the second time. The first time I ripped them, I had unchecked "Use error correction when reading Audio CDs" to speed up the process. Who would of guessed that the mp3s would be full of skips and blips? The second time around I was able to redo them all in AAC format, anyways, which sounds a bit better.

I had no idea the 20 GB iPod came with so much stuff! It's really a pretty good deal compared to the 15 GB, even though it's $100 more. The package includes the iPod, your standard white hey-look-at-me-I'm-cool earbud headphones, a very handsome black carrying case (with belt clip), an AC charger, the little docking station, the firewire connector, and even a wired remote control.

So I got it synced up with my music collection -- 1,700 songs taking up about 12 GB of space. I got it all charged up, and I'm putting it through its paces today to see just how long this the battery really lasts. So far I've been listening to it for about 2 hours, and the battery meter is already indicating that it's half empty. That's not a good sign, but we'll reserve judgment for when the thing finally craps out.

So far, I only have three minor complaints about my iPod. Not big issues, just nitpicks. They are:
  1. The mirror finish on the back of the iPod is impossible to keep clean. Any handling covers it in greasy fingerprints. I hear it scratches easily as well, but I haven't had that problem yet. It would have been nice if they had used brushed aluminum instead.
  2. The 20 GB iPod has a capacity of 18.6 GB. How can that be? For some reason, Apple decided that 1 gigabyte = 1,000,000,000 bytes when it comes to the big number they print on the box. But in reality, 1 gigabyte = 230 (1,073,741,824) bytes, so I've lost 1,405 MB in translation. Bummer.
  3. The iPod seems to have no way to define a custom EQ setting. There are a handful of presets, but it would be nice if the iPod downloaded the custom EQs I saved in iTunes. This seems like a no-brainer. I've decided the "Rock" setting is closest to how I'd probably set it, although it would be nice if I could tweak it to sound best on my particular headphones.
Other than those annoyances, I'm very happy with my new toy so far. I'll be back later to report on how long the battery holds up.
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Philip Fry

An Actual Work Conversation

Joe: I'm off tomorrow. I'll be going to the asparagus festival.
Jarrett: That sounds exciting. I bet they have the worst smelling port-a-potties in the world there.
Joe: Gee, I never would have considered that.
Jarrett: Well, have a good weekend, Joe. Enjoy the festival and the anniversary celebration. How many years has it been? 60? 70?
Joe: Twenty-three. That's as many years as some of us have been out of diapers... right Chris?
Jarrett: You're assuming Chris is out of diapers. Neh!
Chris: It might not be too long before you're back in diapers, Joe.
Joe: Well, that depends...
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