May 20th, 2004

I feel great!

Field Trip!

We have an event this morning. The Governor will be there.

It should be interesting. I have Danielle's fancy new camera, so hopefully I'll get some good pics of Arnold.
John Stewart

I Met the Governator

So! Here at CDFA we have this program called the Buy California Marketing Agreement. They have a $30 million campaign to get Californians to buy California grown agricultural products. I did the website for the campaign almost two years ago.

Anyway, they have all these TV commercials that say, "Be Californian, buy California grown." You've probably seen them if you live out here. Today they unveiled a new ad starring Governor Schwarzenegger. They launched the ad with a big Hollywood-premiere-style event at the Crest Theater.

We were invited to the event, of course. It was neat! I got to say hi to the governor and shake his hand. Of course, he shattered all the bones in my right hand. Then someone else broke a pool cue over his back. It was just like that scene from T2. It was awesome.

We didn't get many good pictures of Arnold, but Lauren shot some interesting stuff. Plus she was standing with me and totally saw me shake Arnold's hand. I'm sure she'll post her story about the event later.

I'll post the pictures when I get home.
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Dude, I shook hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California today.

I know I posted about it already. It's just so surreal.