May 27th, 2004

John Stewart

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You want a post?

You can't handle a post.

Okay, I guess I've been derelict in my journal duties lately. I haven't even been all that busy, so I really have no excuse. Here's a quick catch-up:

Last weekend was great! I saw Shrek 2 with some other human beings. I loved it. It's funnier than the original. Go see it now. Saturday I invited some humans to my apartment. We went to Shari's for some chow, and later played Trivial Pursuit, then some four-player Mario Party 4. That was fun. On Sunday, yellzer came to hang out with me, and we watched the Sopranos, which could only be described as best. episode. ever. </cbg>

The highlight of this week so far was scoring free passes to the sneak preview of The Day After Tomorrow. I expected it to be crap, but I was thoroughly entertained. You really have to throw science out the window, but they managed to make it just plausible enough to suspend my disbelief. I was expecting our heroes to try to fix the weather with a nuclear bomb (the accepted panacea of action-movie crises) or some similar silliness, but they really just fought to survive a series of (very thrilling) calamties. I say go see it with some popcorn and popcorn-movie expectations.

Memorial Day weekend approaches. I have a project I'm planning to get started on. Looking at the IMDB's Top 250 movies as voted by users, I was really surprised by how many in the top ranks I hadn't seen. So I'm going to actually use Netflix (rather than letting discs collect dust for my monthly subscription fee) and see them all one-by-one. Danielle is interested in joining me in this enterprise.

Plus, I've been invited to a party.... um, Saturday night? Yeah, that sounds right.

Anyway, I have a busy day ahead of me today. Later, folks.