June 29th, 2004

Milestones Upon Milestones

Today is my LiveJournal birthday. I have been journaling my life (rather sporadically) for four years today. I am user number 5,818 out of lord-knows-how-many millions. However, this is only my 1,349th journal entry.

Today is also my California birthday. I moved to California on June 29th, 1998. I've been a Californian for six whole years now. The time really flies.

Also this week I celebrate the second year anniversary of becoming a permanent employee of the State of California. So, next month I get a raise!

And there is one more big milestone coming next week. The longest job I ever held on to was at SacWeb, a now out-of-business website shop. I worked there from October 26th, 1998 through August 17th, 2001, which is 1,026 days. I started working at the state (as a contractor) on September 14th, 2001. Assuming I don't get fired between now and then, next Tuesday will be my 1,027th day at this job, making it my longest running employment.

So, there's lot's to celebrate. Who wants to come over and get drunk?
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