August 11th, 2004

Philip Fry

Hey all!

I slept almost all day yesterday. Today I'm back at work and feelin' pretty darn good.

I have nothing interesting to report right now.

And I have work to do.
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I feel great!

New Shoes, Et Cetera.

Oh yeah, so I went shopping on Saturday. Danielle tagged along as my personal fashion consultant.

I managed to spend almost four hundred dollars in one stinkin' day. But ninety of that went towards my car's ten thousand mile maintenance, which I had been putting off.

I bought some new sandals at Nordstrom. Yeah, I know that's not the most thrifty place to shop, but they have a really good selection of men's footwear. Nice gear. So, they sent this blonde girl over to help me. I told her which sandals I was interested in, she sized my foot and headed to the back to find what I wanted. After ten minutes or so, she came out with a stack of shoe boxes almost as tall as she is. I tried on a few different sizes, did my laps, and decided I very much liked the sandals Danielle helped me choose. Then out of the blue she pulled out a pair of Mephisto brand oxfords and went into a big spiel about how great they are, and how they are made of space-age materials by magical moon elves or some nonsense. They did look pretty nice, so I decided to humor the woman and try them out. I have to admit they were extremely comfortable and they looked pretty sharp, too. So, I asked her how much they run, and she said that the new line of Mephistos range from one ninety-five to three ninety-five. I was like, okay, how much are these two shoes? Three ninety-five. Three hundred ninety-five dollars!

I've never had someone try to up-sell me at a shoe store. And trying to tack four hundred dollars worth of walking shoes onto a sandal sale is pretty ambitious. She was a cute girl, so I can only imagine how many dopey guys that tactic works on. Thankfully, I'm far too cheap to be swayed by her wiley charms.

I am, however, very, very happy with my new Ecco sandals. I'm not sure that a hundred nine dollars worth of labor and materials went into their construction, but they may be the most comfortable footwear I've ever slipped onto my feet, making them a bargain in my mind.

I also scored some new khaki shorts and two very sharp button-down shirts. Many thanks to Danielle for being a good sport and helping me dress myself properly.

Three hundred ninety-five dollars. Psh.
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