August 18th, 2004

Philip Fry

My 80's Playlist

I managed to dig up almost every song from the Club 977 playlist. Thanks to everyone who emailed me songs I needed.

Right now, aside from the holiday tracks, there are only two songs I haven't been able to find: The Fixx - Secret Separation and The Other Ones - Holiday. If you have either of these tracks, please send it my way! (jarrett.heather at gmail dot com)

Now, time for my cold shower. Wheeee!

Update: Never mind! I found both the tracks I was seeking. The list is complete. Yay!
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    The Cars - My Best Friend's Girl
You're Fired

(no subject)

Just got off the phone with the manager after trying to reach him all afternoon.

Everything is the vendor's fault, of course. It's totally out of their hands.

At any rate, they're going to fix the water heater tomorrow morning between 8 and 11. Like, for real this time.

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