September 17th, 2004

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Someone stole the wheels and tires off my car last night... again.

This sucks.

My car alarm was not on when I went out there, so either the thugs figured out some way to disarm it, or I didn't press the button when I got home from work last night. However, nothing inside the car had been touched, even though the doors may have been unlocked. I still have my stereo and CDs, and the wheel lock unlocker gadget, which isn't as essential to removing the wheels as one might believe.

Maybe some fancy chrome ones this time? Although, I sure did like the Nakayama 6 Speed.

Anyways... better start on that police report.
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You're Fired

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Just got off the phone with Danielle. She's got her own little tragedy today. Her work has started blocking web access to

That's pretty harsh. Time to change jobs.