November 12th, 2004

I feel great!

Car Brakes: Epilogue

So, I finally got my car back on Wednesday. The brakes seem to work pretty much the way they used to, although I can't help feeling they are a little looser. The dealership fixed them twice, so I guess they're not going to work any better than they do. The steering wheel is centered once again, which makes me happy.

The loaner they gave me was a Ford friggin' Expedition. It was the smallest car they had available at the time. I'm actually pretty comfortable driving a big vehicle, because when I was a kid my dad used to make me drive his work van all the time. So, I got to cruise around in my tank for a day. I don't know why anyone would want to drive something that big all the time. I was much happier to back in my little tiny Civic.

The best part, though, is that after driving the Expedition for one day, I had to put ten dollars worth of gas in it. That's just insane.

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A school district in Pennsylvania has actually mandated the study of creationism in science classes.

Ever get the feeling that the age of reason in this country is coming to an end?