November 15th, 2004

You're Fired

I'm So Screwed!

Perhaps because my weekend was so fun and relaxing that I have to start off my workweek with an utter disaster.

Like I do every weekend, I put off my contract work until the last minuite. I have two big tasks on my to do list right now representing three or four hours of work.

I started on the first task and I noticed Photoshop was a little sluggish. Since I had kept the application open for two or three weeks, I thought rebooting the machine might clear off some cobwebs and get things moving again.

Bad idea. Now my computer won't boot. "Invalid System Disk. Press Any Key." Could my C: drive be dead? Signs point to yes.

Now I'm starting an already packed week a few hours in the hole. Man, I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

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Pointless Question of the Day

Don't ask to play Q-Bert on my arcade machine. The original game required a 4-way joystick mounted diagonally, which is practically impossible to emulate on a properly mounted joystick, making an already frustrating game all the more agonizing.

Besides that, Q-Bert is one filthy-mouthed video game character. When he dies he always screams @!#?@!.

Poll #384947 Q-Bert's Profanity

What six-letter epithet do you suppose Q-Bert is always shouting at the springy snake thing?