February 2nd, 2005

WoW Request

Does anyone have a spare 10-day trial code for World of Warcraft?

Chris is talking about trying the game out, but he's really cheap.
I feel great!

Go Me! Stick it to The Man!

I was looking at my credit card statements and noticed one of my cards had an interest rate of 28.99%. I had no idea!

I called the credit card company to see if they could offer me a better rate. The customer service lady asked what rate I wanted. I told her that most of my credit cards were between thirteen and fourteen percent. She offered 14.99%. I told her I thought they could do better. She offered 2.99% for three months, then 11.99% after that.

My highest rate credit card just became my lowest. And all I had to do was call and ask. I don't have a high balance on any of my cards, but that does save me about ten bucks a month.

Hmmm. Live and learn.

Now to get a better rate on my car loan!
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