March 15th, 2005


Kitchen Photos!

Danielle and I have been really busy getting everything unpacked. Right now, I think we have more stuff in the garage than we do in the house, but we're making good progress. Danielle got the kitchen set up real nice, and she took some photos, some feauring our new island. [insert oohs and ahhs here]

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You're Fired

So Bummed...

I worked really hard on a website design this morning. But I opened the same file here at work, and the colors are all wrong. The reason? The stinkin' sun. The office at the new house faces the east, and it gets very, very bright in the mornings. Like, sunglasses bright, even with the blinds closed. I need to get some curtains in there ASAP. Maybe an LCD display would work better, too. That's something I need to look into.

Maybe I can just throw a levels adjustment layer on this design and bring up the blacks.

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