February 25th, 2007

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It's almost 3 am. We're making progress slowly. Danielle already has the spinal catheter, but hasn't needed the epidural drugs yet.

She's only at 4 cm at this point, but she's still getting pitocin. She's been a real trooper so far. Everything is going very well.

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Danielle just had another exam. She's stuck at 4 cm, so the doctor is going to increase the pitosin to see if we can get some better contractions.

Right now there's a fifty-fifty chance we'll be resorting to plan "C" later this afternoon.

We're all holding up very well. It's just past 9 am. We've been here 14 hours.

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It's 11:20 am. The contractions are getting a little stonger, but we haven't had very much progress.

I have a feeling we're going to end up in sugery. But they're giving Ethan a couple more hours to get his butt in gear.

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Our nurse is pretty sure this kid is not coming out vaginally, but they have to give him every opportunity before cutting mom open. At this point it looks like Danielle will be getting a C-section. I wish they would just do it instead of making us wait two more hours.

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It's about 1:30 pm. Danielle is not feeling too well, but the doctors say everything is good.

She just got checked and we've made it to 5 cm, but the nurse thinks Ethan is posterior, which means he's not facing the right way. He's still at station -2, which is not where we want him to be.

No word on the surical option as yet.

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It's almost 2 pm. Danielle has made some great progress, so they are going to let labor continue for a couple more hours.

She's at 6 cm and finally in active labor. A vaginal delivery is more likely than we'd thought!

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It's almost 2:30 pm. Things are moving a little faster. Danielle is in a lot of pain but there's not much the doctors can do to help.

We've made it to 8 cm, 90% effaced, and the baby has moved down to station zero.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

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It's almost time for the pushing. One side of the cervix is not contracted as much as it should be, but it should open up.

The baby is doing great and has turned to a good position for delivery.

Almost there!