November 23rd, 2008

A Blog Is Born

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First Post!

According to Technorati Media, 175,000 new blogs are created every single day. Today, November 23rd, 2008, I’m adding my own voice to the vast chorus of unwashed masses crowding the ever-expanding blogscape.

What should one expect to find on Well, we’re going to have to find out together. I’m going to make an effort to create some interesting content. You’ll certainly find some original music and plenty of photographs. You’ll probably find some artsy stuff now and then. I may craft a Photoshop tutorial or two. I’m sure I’ll be tempted to share my opinions on politics, religion, popular culture and bacon, as well as my personal experiences as the proud father of a precocious toddler named Ethan, a 25-pound bundle of pure energy around whom my world currently revolves.

Will my humble blog stand out among the other 174,999 blogs launching today? I doubt it. But if you’re reading this, something has brought you to my corner of the intarwebs, and I welcome you sincerely. I encourage you to make comments and offer any kind of feedback. As long as it’s positive. Critical comments (constructive or otherwise) will be gleefully deleted.

Do you know what the hardest part about blogging is? Finding an interesting way to end your post.

A Piano Medley of 13 JoCo Songs

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This is an ad lib piano solo of a bunch of Jonathan Coulton songs.

I’d never heard of this guy until about a year ago. I only discovered this music after playing Portal for the first time. JoCo (as we fans call him) wrote the song that plays during the end credits. I was instantly hooked. I embarked on a mission to seek out and discover all things Coulton, and his complete repertoire has graced my iPod ever since. We have tickets to see Mr. Coulton in San Francisco this January, and I’m beyond geeked about seeing him perform live.

In honor of the occasion, I recorded this overly-long video of me noodling around on the keyboard, playing just a handful of my favorite JoCo tunes. This medley could have easily gone on for hours, but here are the very special tracks that made the cut (in the order they appear):

Still Alive (Intro), Future Soon, Todd the T1000, Mr. Fancy Pants, Skullcrusher Mountain, De-Evolving, Tom Cruise Crazy, Code Monkey, Mandelbrot Set, Chiron Beta Prime (Solo), Re: Your Brains, Over There, Creepy Doll, Still Alive (Reprise)

And if you don’t know JoCo, please listen to and/or purchase some of his tracks. My clumsy fingering hardly does the originals justice. However, fans of my clumsy fingering (hi, Dad) can download the mp3 of this medley by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As…”.

Here’s the MIDI data from this performance.