December 4th, 2008

Me and the Band

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The crazy kids on the Jonathan Coulton forums started a virtual band called The Mandelbrot Set. They pick a JoCo song to cover, and everyone who wants to participate puts their track on a big pile of files on the web.

The song chosen for their first project was Re: Your Brains, a song I actually included in my own medly (at the 9:39 mark, as if you care). They had this thing in the works for a year or longer, but I managed to show up at the last moment to toss in a piano track just under the wire.

Listen here.

If I’d known they were going to give me part of the solo, I might have done a few more takes.

Anyway, a big tip o’ the hat to my virtual bandmates: Angelastic, bigcambridge, Bry, Colleenky (awesome vocals!), Lunacy, MaW, mtgordon, Shruti, and The Doifter.

Mr. Coffee Jr.

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My dad used to tell my brother and me that once the infrared wireless television remote control became affordable for the masses, there wasn’t any good reason to have kids around. Actually, Dad probably never really said that. But I bet he thought it.

In the twenty-first century global economy, today’s toddler has to be versatile. Waddling over to the Zenith console to turn the giant rotary dial just isn’t enough to remain competitive anymore.

Threaded Comments!

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I’m hooking up a plug-in for threaded comments in my blog posts. I don’t have a separate development site for SpaceParanoids, so we’re all in the test tube.

Help me test this by leaving me a comment here.