Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Once More, With Feeling

Everyone is all grouchy about the Kings losing two in a row this weekend, and blowing their shot at the world championship. I think those people need a dose of perspective. Y'know, a couple hundred years ago, when your team was defeated by the opposing team, you lost all your belongings, your land, and maybe even your life. We've still got a great team with a lot of heart and a lot of class. There's always next season.

So, I invested a lot of time this weekend into the basketball games. On Friday, I hosted David, David and Larry. Then we watched a DVD. I think next time we all get together we're going to have to go out and do something. But not something gay, y'know? I'm not a big fan of Faces Nightclub. I'm more up for playing pool or miniature golfing.

Or even going to see a movie. That's what David W. and I did Saturday afternoon. We checked out the nation's #1 flick, Sum of All Fears. It wasn't too bad, but not much to get excited about. I would really like to have seen more of Baltimore getting blown to bits, a la Terminator 2: Judgement Day. In my opinion, that movie's nuclear bombing dream-sequence has not been topped in ten years. The Sum of All Fears sequence wasn't much more than you've seen in the trailers a hundred times.

Saturday night I hung out at Niki's and watched TV. I wasn't feeling real good, so I passed up on a party invite in favor of the more low-key evening.

Sunday David and Lukas hosted a BBQ for the Big Game. I ate more than my share of snacky foods. We had a really great time rooting on the home team, even if the end was a little diappointing.

Later that night I was chatting with my best pal Chris from high school. It turns out he's getting divorced, which is really great news. I didn't much like his wife and step-demon. So, yay for Chris!
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