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There are lots of victims on my friends list. It seems like everyone is complaining about being "f---ed over" by their partner or ex or their employer or their former employer.

I could complain that I'm getting f---ed over, too. It was supposed to take two months to get hired here while I worked on a CSUS Foundation student contract. This week marks the beginning of my tenth month of waiting for that to happen. It's nobody's fault, except an overly-complicated hiring process burdened by state government bureaucracy, a hiring freeze, and yet another budget crisis.

The waiting was easy when I didn't really need the money. Now I rely on side-contracts to help make ends meet. Once I get hired, my pay will go up more than twenty thousand dollars. I'd be able to drive a new Civic and never have to worry about writing the rent check on the first. Then my side-contract money goes directly into the toy / credit improvement fund.

They're still not sure when I'm getting hired. They say by July 1st. I wouldn't be too surprised if that didn't happen.

But I'm not really complaining. I do have a job, my own business, a dependable car, a nice place to live, and enough money to pay the bills. Things could be a lot worse!
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