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So... what should I post about today?

Ummmm... I went out last night. I picked up Niki and we went to the mall, mainly so I could pick up a poster I was having framed. It's a silkscreen print of the lighthouse on Alcatraz. It's pretty neat, and the frame turned out good. I haven't exactly decided where to hang it, but I think it will be in my kitchen area. After doing our mall thing we went to Target, which is always a treat. Target rules.

Now I'm back at work again, and I'm alone. Chris has class until 12:30 or so, and Joe is out for some reason unknown to me. The boss is off at meetings as usual. For working on a team of four, I sure seem to spend a lot of time alone. Might as well crank up the tunage.

Today I weigh 207 lbs.
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