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It's HOT. - Jarrett Heather — LiveJournal
Jarrett Heather's Journal
It's HOT.
Hot hot hot hot hot hot.

If you're in Sacramento, you know how hot it is. It supposed to be 108° today.

Chris and I just walked to the Hukilau to have a lunch party with the whole Media Leverage gang. It's only like four and a half blocks from here, but far enough to remind you why walking in this weather is not a great idea.

The air quality index is really high. That's bad. Mark Finan said it's "unhealthy for sensitive groups," and you know I'm a pretty sensitive person, emotionally. Ozone levels are up. That's bad, too. It seems to me if you could find a way to get the ozone out of our breathing air and transfer it to the hole over the Antarctic, you could solve two problems at once. Sounds like a Nobel Prize winning idea to me. Remember, you heard it here first.
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