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Journal Neglect

Look, I went all weekend again without writing in my journal. Maybe it's because Julie is always using my computer to play The Sims.

I'm still a little sick too. But no one wants to hear about that.

Let's rewind to Friday.

On Friday we hung out with Chris, Rupert and Anna. We had dinner at Carrow's, not before meeting at the wrong place and then getting lost. But it was all good. After dinner we finally got to watch Leon (The Professional International Version). That movie rocks.

We actually spent the night up at the manor for once. David and Lucas came over to pick up a bunch of furniture I was giving away. All this free stuff people gave me when I moved has now moved on. Plus my famous computer desk, which was not free. But my new office furniture is so much nicer.

Anyway, after that we headed back to the Townhouse and lost like 4 hours on The Sims. Julie seduced and killed Bella Goth thinking she could steal the Goth fortune. That only works if you seduce the last member of a household. So Mortimer and Cassandra kept the money, and Bob just has an extra gravestone in the garden.

Later, Dave and Shaun came over, and we all went to Fresh Choice to meet up with Ed and Wayne. It seems like I spend a lot of time as the only straight guy in a group. Dave is starting to wonder about me. Don't worry though. Just ask Julie.

We went back to Shaun's and watched Dogma. I've noticed that even if you have a big festive gathering, all you need to do is put a movie on to make it boring and put people to sleep. Note to self: no movies at our next party. Poker would be much more fun.

Sunday was uneventful. We went to Target but I think we were too tired to get the full Target enjoyment. So we napped. I worked.

Last night the Surfer's took the field again. We almost didn't get to play because we didn't have enough girls on our team. So we recruited a couple girls from some other teams. They took us to almost-victory. We lost 14 - 13, but it was a great moral success. The other team was called "under construction", and we figured it would be a bunch of burly roofers who would squish us like squishy bugs. But as it turns out, they were actually plumbers. While not as out-of-shape and uncoordinated as web designers, they were definitely closer to our skill/talent level. We just couldn't hold on to our 3 run lead in the last inning.

So, we're finally up to today. I have my piano lesson tonight, of course. Liz, my instructor, is going to bring in the sheet music for Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca (From Sonata in A). You know the one, right? She wants me to learn to play it for some sort of holiday recital. That's a lot of pressurse, but at least it will motivate me to practice more. Julie says I'm getting a lot better at the Hanon exercizes, though I feel sorry for her because they're not terribly interesting to listen to. Liz says I have to do the Hanons every day. So I do. I want to be a virtuoso pianist.

So there you go... hopefully that makes up for a few days of Journal neglect.

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