Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Weekend in Review

Friday I picked up Niki and we went out to the Château to check out Hence's birthday performance. I didn't realize that it was a somewhat fancy restaurant. There was a wedding reception in the private area, and the dining room was filled with couples in their late hundreds. Hence was jamming with a drummer, pianist, and a horn player. They sounded really tight, playing a lot of jazz and standards. Niki and I ordered some tasty pasta.

Chris and Tim joined us for drinks a little later.

When the band took a break, they asked me to fill in on the piano. I never really play in public, but I'd had enough to drink that it seemed like a good idea. Plus I hardly ever get to touch a grand piano. So, I got to show off for about twenty minutes or so. I played some classical favorites, but Bohemian Rhapsody was the big hit.

After I'd sobered up a bit, Niki and I went back to her place. We were both in the mood to get drunk, so we did, and I ended up crashing on her couch. Saturday morning I left around noon, and she was still asleep.

Saturday night Niki and another girl came over to play cards and hang out. David was supposed to come hang out but he flaked. We had fun just the three of us anyway. We were up past two.

Sunday I had a headache and didn't feel much like doing anything. So I didn't. Me and Chris' cousin Mike played a few games of Warcraft III online, and we got our asses kicked as usual. We really suck. Later on I started working on jheather.com a little, and made a bit of progress on the flash movie. I was working on it until two in the morning.

So, now it's Monday and I'm back to work again, and feeling a bit tired. I currently have no projects or deadlines on my plate, but there are a couple just waiting to get dropped in my lap, I know it.

I think it's going to be a good week.

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