Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Some bonehead just forwarded me an email.

My name is Jasmine . I'm 11 years old. My mommy worked on the 20th floor in the World Trade Tower. On Sept. 11 2001 my daddy drove my mom to work. She was running late so she left her purse in the car. My daddy seen it so he parked the car and went to give her the purse. That day after school my daddy didnt come to pick me up. Instead a police man came and took me to foster care . Finally I found out why my daddy never came.. I really loved him.... They never found his body.. My mom is in the the Hospital since then.. She is losing lots of blood.. She needs to go through surgery.. But since my daddy is gone and no one is working.. We have no money .. And her surgery cost lots of money.. So the Red Cross said that.. for every time this email is fwd we Will get 10 cent for my mom's surgery. So please have a heart and fwd this to everyone you know I really miss my daddy and now I dont want to lose my mommy too.

R.I.P. Daddy..(James Thomas)

!--! NOTICE!--!
WHEN YOU FWD PLEASE ALSO FWD TO THIS LETTER BACK TO ME... AT.... jasNmom2001@yahoo.com ...SO THAT THE REDCROSS PEOPLE CAN COUNT THE FWDS. thank you for taking your time to fwd this email

These stupid email hoaxes are so 1995. I didn't know anyone still fell for them. There are so many things wrong with the story it's almost amusing. If mommy has been "losing lots of blood" for ten months, I'd say she's in pretty bad shape indeed.

I was not surprised to find a Snopes article on this one.

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