Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Shaun (dark_wolfe) came over last night to discuss a web site project. I managed to trick him into helping me reformat Mr. Burns (my old PIII/500Mhz) and get the machine up and running on the wireless LAN. And actually, that went pretty well. So now I have a computer in my bedroom, although I'm not exactly sure what purpose it's going to serve.

At least now I can brag that I have a wireless LAN. Or a "wi-fi", as the kids are calling it.

To set up the computer I had to rearrange some power strips in the bedroom, and I unplugged my alarm clock. I set the time, but never thought to set the alarm. So this morning I didn't wake up until my cell phone rang at 10:30. If it hadn't, I might have slept later. Why do alarm clocks default to 12:00am? Are there a lot of people who need to wake up at that hour?

It's a good thing I work for the state, or I might have been in trouble.
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