Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I was checking out my friends list this morning and noticed no one had posted the Friday Five™. I went to the Official Home of the Friday Five™ and realized why. The questions this week are pretty pointless.

So I'm going to make up my own random five questions. I wonder if they'll spread through LiveJournal like a virus. No one will read this part of the post anyway.

1. What was your favorite sugary breakfast cereal when you were a kid? Lucky Charms!

2. Do you still eat that cereal now that you're grown up? Not so much. Lately I've been buying Kellogs Smart Start.

3. What flavor of Kellogs Pop Tart® do you buy? Always frosted cherry. I've tried every variety, and they are the best.

4. Which Denny's® Slam® do you like best? I'm partial to the All-American Slam because it has scrambled eggs with cheese, but I've been known to order the French Slam from time to time.

5. Which is your breakfast juice of choice? I love apple juice.
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