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Anyway, on to another post that no one will actually read.

Last night I left work a little early. Like at five. I caught traffic on the way home and I was sure that my car was going to run out of fuel on the freeway. I'm such a procrastinator I even wait until the last possible moment to buy a tank of gas. But I guess that uncertainty adds a touch of adventure to my otherwise dull life. Luckily I made it home fine.

I watched the Simpsons, made a PBJ, relaxed, thought about working but never actually got around to it. Instead I called my new friend Danielle and we chatted on the phone for, geez, more than a couple hours I guess. She seems pretty cool! I'll tell you more about her as details become available.

Tonight the gang is gathering to say farewell to Gavin because he's moving down to So Cal soon. Him and I worked together at SacWeb, but we've stayed in touch since the famous meltdown. He's super-talented, and I'm certain he'll be successful in all future endeavors. We'll miss having him aound.

After dinner we'll probably check out Goldmember. So, it should be a fun evening. Who knows what else the weekend has in store for me. Life seems suddenly lush with interesting possibilities.
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