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Mmmmhmm! This is a tasty burger!

I decided to go out to lunch with the office crew today. Our destination: "Da Big Kahuna's Pizza and Stuff" downtown at 8th and L. The place is kind of a dive. The decorating looks so much like the "Hawaiian themed" furniture items out of The Sims: House Party it's uncanny. Anyway, it seemed I would be remiss to order anything but the Big Kahuna Burger. And they aren't kidding about the "big" part. It was probably the biggest burger I've ever been served. I ate half of it and I feel sick. I have the other half in a to-go container, but I might have to put it in the trash to keep it from killing me later.

So, it's almost the weekend! It looks like I have a little work lined up, but also some social plans are starting to come together. Chris' Cousin Mike is coming into town tomorrow, and we're going to hang out and play video games at my place. Sad? Geeky? Sure, I make no apologies.

Other than that, I'd like to see M. Night Shamamayalaman's Signs and dust off my pool cue before the weekend is out. What are your plans?
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