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Are You Listening? Whoa-oh-ohh-oh...

I went to see Signs with David and Lukas last night. It's an excellent movie. I was genuinely freaked out. And of course, the ending is very Shyamalan clever. Go see it before someone spoils it for you.

I didn't sleep well last night. I got to work 45 minutes late today. Shame on me.

The day before yesterday I went to Fry's with Niki after work. I had to pick up The Simpson: The Complete Second Season DVD box set, and of course The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (or "LOTR: FOTR" as the kids call it). They also had the new Directors Edition of Star Trek II - The Wrath of KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! on sale, so I felt obliged to get that too. At a young age my dad told me it was the best Star Trek movie ever, and I think he was right. So now I have a total of eight new discs of entertainment to wade through. Who wants to come over and watch some TV with me?

Oh, and check this out. I was looking to buy some new speakers for my bedroom computer, which has so far served as a very expensive mp3 player. Fry's had these Altec Lansing speakers on sale for only $80, so I got them. I definitely got more than I bargained for. They are probably the best sounding speakers in my house now. And at my place, that is saying something.

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