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A Special Invitation...

Our team got tickets to the Buy California kickoff event thing at the State Fair. At first I thought eveyone was going to this shindig, but as it turns out it was pretty VIP. Only the branch directors were invited. We got the hookup from our happy client in the Ag Export Program.

So what this means is that yesterday I was paid to go to the State Fair. Our invitation got us free parking and free admission. Governor Gray Davis spoke for a little bit about the program, and how food from California is the best food in the whole damn world. Blah blah blah. Then there was this little reception with free food and wine. I would have said hi to the governor and shook is hand, but I didn't have a camera handy for the photo op. At the time, it seemed like a better idea to ditch the reception to get a corndog.

So we hung out at the fair all afternoon. Those bastards will deep fry anything. I had a fried twinkie. It was delicious.

Now I'm back at work again. For being a short, easy week, it sure has seemed long and difficult. I'm ready for the weekend so I can... well... sit at home and work some more. Wheeeee.
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