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It's back to work after a long weekend. I'm all healthy again for the most part. I have much less to complain about than I did last week.

I did manage to work on Friday. There was a party at "Ten" Friday night. That's the nickname of Chris' (cru's) domicile. I was actually ready to head over there, but my date cancelled on me at the last minute and I decided I'd be better off staying home and resting.

Did I mention that I bought a Gamecube? Of course I did. I think I played a lot more Super Mario Sunshine this weekend than I should have. I'm bound to ruin my fancy projection TV if I don't get some more games soon (projection TVs are sensitive to burn in from static elements on the screen). But that game is really addictive. I managed to tear myself away from it long enough to attend a housewarming party Saturday night, but I was still a little too under the weather to party hard.

Sunday night me and David hung out and played video games all night. We're total geeks. I got a last-minute invite from Danielle to go to the Rage, but I wasn't in the mood so I declined. She ended up hanging going with her pal Jeramiah, who I hear a lot about. Plus she met some guy and has a date this week, so I'm happy for her, and happy I wasn't there to get int he way somehow.

Yesterday being Labor Day, the State was closed. I actually caught up on all the household chores I'd been neglecting through my illness. David invited my out to Faces, our local gay nightclub (Whee!). I felt it was about time for me to get out and have some fun, so I even invited Danielle along. That girl would go dancing every night of the week if you asked her to. She's a lot of fun like that. Besides, I like to have a girl nearby while I'm at Faces, y'know, just in case. Anyway, Danielle came over and I got to show off my posh apartment, then I bought her dinner at Shari's. After that we met up with David and Lucas downtown. Faces was dead. Apparently on Monday nights they have some sort of goth theme going on, and I guess it doesn't draw much of a crowd. But we had some drinks and got our groove on a little. One of David's friend's freinds got drunk and started hanging all over me, which made me a little uncomfortable. David says he didn't mean anything by it -- that he's just "touchy-feely". It was enough to warrant ending the evening a bit earlier than normal. Danielle and I were back at my place by 12:30 or so. She was too tipsy to get herself home, so she ended up hanging out with me until like 2:30 in the morning. Lucky her didn't have to get up this morning. Lucky me still has a job, though, so I shouldn't complain.

Danielle and I have an interesting relationship. We have nearly nothing in common. Not only are our viewpoints different on many issues, a lot of times they are in perfect diametric contradiction. Still, I'm very fond of her and we seem to be forming a tight friendship. And she has a talent for getting me out of the house when I didn't really think I wanted to. That is a good thing.

Now I'm reaching the end of another workday. I'm feeling good so I'm going to ride my bike later this afternoon and enjoy some fresh air.

Life is good.

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