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Weekend Update

What a busy weekend!

Saturday night was the White Trash Party over at Anna's. It was so much fun. Everyone was dressed like white trash, and we acted the part too. I can't wait to see the photos from the party. We looked so rediculous.

Yesterday I repartitioned my hard drive, reformatted everything, and installed Windows ME. I'm tired of Windows 2000 Professional. Photoshop just wouldn't act right. WinME seems cool so far. I can play games with very good performance. I've got almost everything reinstalled. It's a major pain, but I'm happy to get rid of Win2K.

I also bought a Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard. That thing rocks. I programmed all the media buttons on it to control WinAmp. So I can launch it, change the volume, mute, play, pause, next, previous all at the push of a button. Life is good.

Tonight we play softball right after work. I heard the team we're up against really sucks, so we might have a chance to actually win a game. That would be nice.
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