Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Put me on the injured list.

The game last night was a lot of fun. We lost. Again. But we still had fun, and that's the important thing. Coach Josh didn't put me in until the second half of the game because I don't show up to practices. So, I only got one at bat, and I made a base hit, which brings my career batting average up to .500. I was playing shortstop. My first inning in the field I did pretty good. I caught an infield fly, then I fielded a grounder to make the force play at second. The next inning was less successful. Every grounder was just out of my reach. I was going for one and I tripped and fell. I'm all scraped up and bruised now. I think I came down on my shoulder pretty hard. My knee lost a bit of skin as well. I feel like an old man.

I took a little break from working last night to play some Quake III Arena against Chris and Mike (Chris' cousin). I shouldn't underestimate Chris' quake skills. Maybe I'm out of practice. Not that I did too bad, I just like to win. It was fun.

Any other Quake III players out there who want to be notified when we start up a private game?
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