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Weekend Update

This weekend was very good and very bad all at the same time. But in my usual fashion, I'm just going to talk about the good parts in my life. Those are the only ones I really want to remember later.

I have to rewind all the way to Thursday.

Thursday night I went to the Blue Lamp to see Jackie Greene and company (including Hence, of course). I brought along Danielle and Niki, plus David and Larry met us there. Jackie is great. We were rocked thoroughly and completely. If you are in Sac, you should definitely check it out.

Friday night I had sushi with Angela. She mentioned she had never seen Pulp Fiction, which is slightly mind-boggling to me. I had just gotten the special edition DVD for my birthday (thanks, Dean!), so I forced her to watch it. It was relaxing. Well, it was for me. I get the feeling she was uncomfortable.

I spent practically the rest of the weekend with my new best friend, she-who-wishes-not-to-be-named (a.k.a. Danielle). Saturday we wandered endlessly around downtown plaza. We had an early dinner at the Hukilau. Then we hung out at my place with David and Larry. It was boring. I'm not a good host all the time. But I was in a pretty bad mood all day Saturday. Danielle was doing her best to cheer me up, but I had a lot on my mind. I'm glad she puts up with me.

Sunday Danielle and I got together again for lunch, then we met up with Dean to shoot some pool. It was fun for all.

Sunday night I spent home alone. The Sopranos was excellent. It was maybe one of the best episodes ever.

That brings us up to Monday. I'm in only a slightly better mood than I was this weekend. But not what you might call a "good" mood. I'm not really feeling myself lately. I may not for some time.
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