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What's up Live Gerbil?

Joe got the bright idea to drag us out to some hot dog place in Carmichael, which is kind of a hike from downtown... especially when your destination is known as "Weiner Works". The place was a total dive, and I think the hot dog made me ill. It's fun to find new lunch destinations once in awhile, but there's no way I'm going back there again. Bleh!

Last night I hung out with my friend who is uncomfortable being mentioned in my journal (Danielle). We went shopping, had dinner, and rented American Pie 2, which I had gone all this time without seeing. I'll spare you the review because I have the feeling I'm the last person in the world to see that movie. Danielle totally passed out on my couch. She was out like a light. I could hardly wake her up. I sent her on her way thinking she was probably going to fall asleep and die in a wreck on her way home. I'm a worrier sometimes. Luckily she didn't. And now I can brag to all my friends that she "slept" with me. Yeah, I'm such a stud.

Tonight I'm hosting a little get-together for David's (naughtybitz's) birthday. I think a fair number of people have already répondu, s'il vous plaît, so we might have a pretty fun time.

Did you notice that the chronology of this post is all messed up? I went from lunch today, to last night, to tonight. This entry is all Tarantino'd.

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