Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Sacramento Web Awards Finalists

I've been reading some discussions about jennicam making it as a finalist in the Sacramento Web Awards. I offer my congratulations. I hope Jennifer makes it out to the ceremony next week. It would be fun to meet her in person.

But I feel it's prudent to point out that of the 75 finalists, seven sites were designed by... me. *bowing proudly* Last year I had designed five of the finalist sites, and only one won the award (Farallon Boats - Retail). So, my market share is growing :). Maybe I'll get two or three winners this year.

My finalist sites: Tom Sellas (Arts & Entertainment), CA Secretary of State (Gov't & Law), Congress of California Seniors (Lifestyles), Yuba Shoes (Manufacturing), Has Everything (Retail), Pride Industries (Service), and The Pigman Companies (Service).

I'm counting on the Secretary of State site winning. I think it's the best government site in California.
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