Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Greetings from Rural Maryland!

My trip began Friday night at 10:45pm PDT. I got to Marydel at 2:30pm EDT.

All in all, the trip went pretty well. David and Danielle dropped me off at the airport. When I checked in at Sacramento, they didn't give me a boarding pass, which worried me because I was afraid they were going to try to bump me. The lady at the counter told me they would call me name at the gate and hook me up with a seat. The plane started boarding and I still didn't have a seat assignment, so I went to the ticket counter and griped and the lady took care of me. My boarding pass didn't have a group number listed on it. It just had the word FIRST printed accross it. As it turns out, my seat was in first class. I felt like a high roller.

Despite my big, comfy leather recliner, I could not get any sleep on the way to Dallas / Ft. Worth. But I was plenty comfortable for a change. My layover in Dallas was two and a half hours, but it's good to have a little extra time at that airport. There are hundreds and hundreds of American Airlines gates, and you usually have to take a train to make your connection. I cam in at gate C20 and had to make my connection at gate C17, so all that extra time really went to waste. So I sat there from 5:20am to 7:50am and watched the sun rise over Dallas.

The flight from DFW to BWI was only a third full, so I got a whole row to myself. I read magazines. The landing in Baltimore was the roughest ever. Felt like we just dropped out of the sky with a firm KLUNK. It startled me. The flight attendant said, "Welcome to Buffalo" over the intercom.

My dad was late picking me up. Then I got dragged off to the Annapolis mall so my younger step-sister Beth could drop off an application at Aeropostale. There sure are a lot of Navy mid-shipmen hanging out there. Those chicks look good in their white uniforms.

Anyway, so I napped a little bit yesterday afternoon. Last night we all went to a fancy dinner at the Blue Coat Inn. More on that in a bit...

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