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Full Name: Jarrett Michael Heather

Birthday: September 14th, 1976

Location: Sacramento, California, USA

What does your screen name mean?
LJ (Jarrett): That would be my, uh, first name.
AIM (jarrettheather): That's my first and last name.
Yahoo! (jarrettheather): Are we seeing a pattern here?

Elementary school:
K - 2nd: Nellie Stokes Elementary School, Camden, DE
3rd - 6th: W. B. Simpson Elementary School, Camden, DE

Junior high school: Ceasar Rodney Junior High, Camden, DE

High school: Caesar Rodney Senior High, Camden, DE

Delaware Technical and Community College, Dover, DE
Cecil County Community College, North East, MD
American River College, Sacramento, CA
Degree: None to speak of. I never much liked college.

What did you do today?
I paid bills, came to work, wrote in my journal, and played some guitar.

What did you do yesterday?
Came to work, hung out with Julie (qtkat) and Chris (gigglecam).

What are you doing tomorrow?
Tomorrow is Halloween. I might go over to Julie's and hand out candy. I'm not sure.

Do you wear jewelry?
I wear a silver ring on my right middle finger.

What is your natural hair color?

How tall are you?
5' 9"

Did you ever have braces?
No, but I probably should have.

Did you ever have glasses?
No, my vision is good. I do wear my fancy designer sunglasses all the time, though.

Do you wear contacts?
No, I do not require corrective lenses.

Have you ever gotten stitches or broken any bones?
When I was six or seven I fell off a see-saw and split my head open. I had to get stitches. I havent' been quite the same since. I also broke my arm falling out of a car. It was parked. I broke my collarbone playing wiffle ball. I broke my right middle finger playing softball.

Have you ever had surgery?
Only once. I had three wisdom teeth extracted.

Have you ever had mono?
Not that I know of.

Do you like the way you look?
Oh, I could probably lose 30 or 40 lbs, but aside from that I'm a handsome fellow!

What was the last thing you ate?
Chicken fried steak.

What was the last thing you said outloud?
"Okay, see you there."

Who did you say it to?
I was on the phone with Anna Banana. We're meeting up for sushi.

Do you remember...
...Pogs? Yeah, but I never collected them.
...Fraggle Rock? Uh huh.
...Beavis and Butthead? Of course.
...ALF? I loved ALF. That's the only reason aigamisou is on my friends list.
...where you were on 9/11/01? Yes, I was at Julie's house - my home at the time.
...all of your friends' birthdays: Most of them. I'm pretty good with dates.
...your mom and dad's wedding anniversary: What, from like when they were married to each other?
...where you were when Chris Farley died: No, I sure don't. I remember where I was when I learned Phil Hartman died, though.
...Punky Brewster? Oh yeah.
...the words to Ice Ice Baby? No, but I know the words to Under Pressure.
...Kids Incorporated? Rings a bell.
...The Mickey Mouse Club? That was well before my time.
...when everyone used to wear those pullover Starter sports team jackets? Yeah, but I was never cool enough to do that.
...when Britney and Justin used to deny they were a couple (even though everyone knew they really were dating)? What? Who wrote this poll?
...when Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy did a song together? Honestly, no. I don't.
...when the Michael Jaskson Black or White video premiered for the first time after the Simpsons? Yep. I saw that.
...the Milli Vanilli lip synching scandal? Of course, everyone remembers this stuff. Was this quiz written by a 15 year old?
...who your favorite New Kid on the Block was? I did not have a favorite. I believed they were all equally gay.
...when the Berlin wall was torn down? Yes, but at 13 years of age, I don't think I appreciated the significance.
...the address of the first house you ever lived in? Yes, but it did not have a number or a street name at the time. It was on a rural route with box number 274C. Delaware later gave all the streets proper names and assigned house numbers for safety purposes.
...how you met your best friend? I met Chris (cmessina) in an eigth grade art class. I think we didn't really become friends until we had algebra together a year or two later. I met David (naughtybitz) way back when he was Shaun's (dark_wolfe's) roommate. We didn't become good friends until he started working with me at SacWeb.
...how you met your boyfriend / girlfriend? There is no such person to speak of :(

These are a few of your favorite things...
Favorite movies: Fight Club, Amadeus, Office Space, Lord of the Rings
Favorite TV shows: The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Six Feet Under, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Favorite yearly event: Seeing my family.
Favorite holiday: Uh, Christmas?
Favorite teacher: Eddie Seger, Art I & Art II
Favorite ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough
Favorite food: Greasy burgers
Favorite restaurant: Hukilau Island Grill
Favorite sex position: With a girl
Favorite website: Fark
Favorite alcohol / drug of choice: Long Island iced tea
Favorite scene in a movie: Jules Winnfield's confrontation with Brett in Pulp Fiction. A finer scene will never be written.

What are you wearing? Jeans, black t-shirt, brown long sleeved shirt, employee badge.
What is your hairstyle? Short, but growing out.
What are you eating? Getting sushi in about 5 minutes.
What are you drinking? Mountain Dew.
What are you listening to? Office ambiance.
What are you looking at? Two 19" flatscreen Sony Trinitrons.
What are you thinking about? My expired parking meter.
Are you wearing shoes or socks? Yes, both.
Are you wearing underwear? Yeah, boxer-briefs.
Are you in love? Uh, that's a tricky question. I'm not sure.
Do you have a crush on somebody? That a pretty juvenile term, but I'll say yes.
Do they know you have a crush on them? Yeah.
Do you have diry thoughts about Justin Timberlake or any other member of *NSYNC for that matter? Oh, yes. I mean, no! No! God, no!

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