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Like a Duck in a Noose...

My subject line doesn't mean anything. I just really like that bizarre phrase.

I'm having a pretty cool day so far! David (naughtybitz) quit his job today, like totally out of the blue. He's done. Totally unemployed. Crazy guy. I'm sure he'll write all about it in his own journal.

I offered David a consolation lunch. So me and Chris met him and Lukas over at the Hukilau Island Grill. All the servers were dressed in sexy Halloween costumes. These girls are pretty hot to begin with, but today... man... it was definitely worth the trip over there. I love that place. The food is great too :)

Tonight I get to hang out with Julie (qtkat), Gretchen (gretchenann) and Chris (gigglecam). We're going to give out candy and stuff. I haven't seen Gretchen in like, forever. I miss her. It should be a fun night. Whee!
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