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Man, I was in a foul mood earlier, but I'm feeling much better now that the workday is over.

I'm ready to go home, but instead I'm heading over to Julie's (qtkat's) to help fix her computer and network. I'm really anxious to check out The Sims Online, though. She's lucky enough to have been chosen as a beta tester. She's sick and I sure hope I don't get her nasty germs.

In other news, what's-her-name decided to read my journal yesterday and did not much appreciate being referred to as "what's-her-name" in this entry. We meant no disrespect, we were only trying to protect the identity of the innocent. In the future I don't believe I can post anything about her, regardless of the unflattering nicknames. I have to respect her privacy, so chances are there will be a few empty spots in my journal in the future.

I can just post more about the exciting life of an eGovernment Application Developer at the Department of Food and Agriculture.

*looks around* ... *crickets chirping*

Screw it. I'm leaving this dungeon.
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