Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

The Dottie Awards

Congratulations to us. 2 of the 10 awards were presented to sites I designed. Congress of California Seniors for the Lifestyles category, and Yuba Shoes for Manufacturing. I feel like a medium-sized fish in a medium-sized pond. I don't think I'll ever be a big fish. Not as big as Seth VanBooven. His Movie Club website grabbed "The Big Dot" Award. His designs really impress me. I wanna be more like Seth.

The Big Disappointment of the night: Jennifer did not show up. :( Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a fan. I mean, I don't sit and watch her for hours, but I remember seeing the site for the first time a good three years ago, and it seems like I've read a dozen articles about her. So getting the chance to meet her seemed cool, but she was a no-show. Well, living in the same neighborhood, I figure we'll cross paths eventually.
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