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Weekend in Review

Ah, the Monday tradition of summing up my weekend events in my journal. Let us continue in that tradition today.

So, what did I do this weekend? I spent most of my time with Danielle (yellzer). On Friday we went out to see Harry Potter y la Cámara Secreta. I thought it was excellent. The story was a little weak, and the plot didn't totally make sense to me, but the movie was all kinds of fun and the special effects were awesome. I thought the Dobby character was pretty close to flawless.

Saturday morning I did chores around the house. Some new remote control switches I had ordered arrived, and I spent a couple hours trying to wire them up, but the operation was a failure. I think Shaun (dark_wolfe) is going to stop over tonight to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

The rest of my weekend was somewhat uneventful. But it was very relaxing and went by much, much more quickly than I would have liked it to.

Oh, I did finally get over to Guitar Center yesterday and I bought my first guitar. It's a classical accoustic. A Takamine G-116, to be precise. I don't know much about guitars, but this one was just about the cheapest classical guitar in the whole store, and it's plenty good enough for an amateur such as myself. Of course, I brought it to the office today to get opinions from the guys. Everyone seemed to think that it's a nice guitar and I got a really good deal on it. Now, if I only I could learn to play the damn thing.

I'll have to post some pictures of me and my guitar soon. You can't help but look really cool when you're holding a guitar.

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