Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,



How's it going, Live Gerbil? It's another Tuesday morning at the State of California.

I had a nice relaxing night. Danielle (yellzer) came over and we ate Chinese delivery. Then Shaun (darkwolfe) came over for awhile to help me with my electrical problem. He called his dad who is an actual electrician and got some advice on how to hook up the new switches. His methods are a little better than mine, which usually involve plugging in random wires and hoping it doesn't burn the building down. Despite Shaun's fear of 110V A/C (he made me operate the voltmeter), he was able to get the switches working on the first try. Thanks, Shaun!

After that, me and Danielle played some bones. She completely kicked my ass. It was embarassing. I just could not get the tiles I needed.

Anyway, it's time for lunch.
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