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I didn't feel well yesterday. I think I ate some bad Hamburger Helper Sunday night. Or just too damn much of it. Anyways, I'm feeling much better today.

Chris is not here for some reason. Joe is off for the rest of the week. Mike is off doing Mike stuff. I spend too much time by myself here. I'm all alone again. So... alone.

I did get some good news this morning. As I was getting in my car to leave for work, my landlady, Mary, stopped me. I was sure she had seen the empty paint cans on my porch and was going to yell at me or something. But, on the contrary, she told me she had talked to the owner and had been meaning to tell me it was okay to paint the bedroom. In fact, she said that the owner didn't like the idea, but Mary told them I was an "A-1 Plus" tennant, and they ought to keep me happy so I stick around for a long, long time. That made me feel good. Now maybe I can use my leverage to get my refigerator replaced.

Naturally, I did not tell her that I had already finished painting.

I wish I could go home. I haven't even bothered to eat lunch today.
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