Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Rambling On...

The weekend was good. And the villagers rejoiced.

Friday night I met a friend for coffee. No one you know. It was fun.

Danielle (yellzer) was hanging out with me on Saturday after she got off work. She was looking for some adventure and excitement, but we quickly realized that neither of us, nor any of our friends, had enough money to do anything exciting. So I just invited everyone over to my place to "hang." We won't call it a party, because it was not planned, but somehow twelve people made it over. For those of you keeping score, it was me, Danielle, David (naughtybitz), Adam, Fred, Jake & Brandy, Julie (qtkat), Niki, Little Brian, Daivd & Larry. I resisted the urge to make everyone pose for a group photo. I probably would have ended up looking a lot like this one.

So, that was Saturday, which was a sharp contrast to Sunday. I spent practically all day alone in my apartment. It wasn't so bad. There were like a hundred things I could have, or should have been doing, but I was not motivated. I played so much Animal Crossing that the little imaginary aligators and puppies were sick and tired of talking to me.

I'm going home now.
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