Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,


I got to work right at 8am today. I found a sweet parking spot in front of the building. I went to go move my car a little while ago and I had already gotten a ticket. I swear the meter must have been expired less than five minutes. Those bastards.

But I'm feeling too good to let an $18 parking ticket ruin my mood.

Part of our branch is being moved to another building on K Street next month. Word on the street is that some lady is trying to find someone to sublet her parking spot in the church lot right across the street. I hope I can get my hands on that spot. It's very close, but it's going to run me $95 a month. Parking is so rediculous here. It's definitely worth it.


I have little else to report at this time. I'm having some guys over to play cards tonight. Wish me luck on that one.
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