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The Weekend Update

Continued from yesterday's post...

I spent most of the day Saturday running around doing errands and stuff. The weather was just awful. It rained really hard all day. But I had a lot to do to get ready for the White Trash Christmas Party over at David's (naughtybitz's) house.

You may not be familiar with the concept of a white trash party. Basically, you dress up like you are poor and uneducated and try to act the part for the evening. The whole thing seems a little strange to me because me and my friends really aren't that classy to begin with, so we didn't really have to lower ourselves too many pegs on the social scale. Personally, I tore up an old pair of faded jeans, donned my Berzerker Olaf t-shirt, and borrowed a mesh cap that read REALITY IS FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T STAY DRUNK! (all too accurate). My date, Danielle (yellzer) dressed like, well, I guess I'll have to post some pictures.

Anyway, there were a buttload of people crammed into David's house, and nearly everyone came dressed up. The place was wrecked, too. It was even white-trashier than usual (just kidding, David). So we kicked it for awhile, we had a white-trash-elephant gift exchange thing. I drank. I drank too much.

I started to not feel so good, so I got Danielle to take me home. It was a very long car ride. As soon as she pulled into my parking spot I collapsed out of the car and got violently sick. It was quite unpleasant.

Sunday we went back to David's just to help clean up the awful mess left behind by the party. Adam, Richard, Stefphan, Jake and Brandy all showed up for the effort, so it went pretty quickly. By the time we were through David's house was cleaner than I ever remember seeing it before. David wanted to buy everyone pizza and watch The Lord of the Rings, so I talked him into bringing everyone over to my place. You know, if we're going to watch a movie, we might as well do it right.

(Not officially part of the weekend review)
Yesterday I went back to work, of course. I had to go to Fry's during lunch to replace my cell phone. Shaun (darkwolfe) had been showing off his new phone at the party, so I bought one just like his. It's the Samsung N400. It's got a neat interface, and it does pictures and fancy rings. I like it. I just picked it up at Fry's and used the Sprint PCS website to transfer my service. It was all too easy.

Last night I was trying to sleep and I had something in my left eye that was making me very uncomfortable. I went to the sink to try and wash it out, or whatever, and I noticed the white part of my right eye was full of blood. I think I may have caused a subconjunctival hemorrhage from all my violent retching Saturday night. I hope it goes away soon because it's rather scary looking.

Anyway, I think that gets us up to speed on current events. I'm going to get ready for work now.

Have a good day!

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