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Jarrett Heather
Jarrett Heather's Journal
Fun, Fun, Fun
Today has been a great day so far, especially considering that it's a Monday.

I had a little bit of stress on a consulting project, but it was just a slight lapse in communication with my project manager. Anna was expecting to see much, much more than I had done. She didn't realize I was waiting for specs on a Flash movie, and that I couldn't integrate the front-end of the site into a back-end that doesn't yet exist. But worry not. As we speak, Chris is pounding away at the back-end... a phrase we hear all too often. By tomorrow everything will be caught up, Anna will be happy, the client will be happy, and Jarrett will be happy.

So, anyway, I got some random IM today from a girl called dj_minx. She sent a message asking "Do you have any relations in the UK?" I figured she wasn't the usual porn spam, so I started chatting with her. As it turns out, her name happens to be Louisa Heather. I never run into any Heathers who aren't in my immediate family. We chatted about our family names and stuff. Chances are fairly good that Louisa and I are distant cousins. I'm still fairly convinced that I'm currently the only person named "Jarrett Heather" walking the earth. That's sort of frightening in a way. The only thing that really saved Sarah Conners from the Terminator was that there happened to be two other Sarah Conners living in her city. God help me if my future offspring decides to lead the human resistance against the rise of the machines. Sometimes I wish I had the anonymity of the Chris Coxes, David Smiths and Julie Thomases of the world.

Weekend Review
Enough chit-chat. On Friday I hosted a board game party. David, Adam, Jake and Brandi came over. We played Taboo. My description of a "Playpen" as a "cage for rugrats" helped me, Danielle and Adam secure a comfortable victory. Then we played Cranium. Danielle and I edged out David and Adam for the win. In short, I totally rule at board games. Yes sirree.

Saturday I spent most of the day home alone on the couch, happily watching the feature commentaries on all three Back to the Future movies. When I'm by myself, watching DVD commentaries is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I love learning about how they make my favorite films. Did you know that when the movie was translated to French, Lorraine doesn't mistakenly call Marty "Calvin Klein". Instead, through the whole movie she calls him Pierre Cardin. Fascinating. Did you know our beloved Frodo made his screen debut in Back to the Future Part II? It's true.

Some more stuff happened this weekend. But I need to go home now. I'll talk about it later!
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macklinr From: macklinr Date: January 13th, 2003 05:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have the same thing with "Ryan Macklin". On occasion, I get emails asking if I'm related to them. In one case the guy who is listed as "father" on my birth cert (he wasn't my dad, just the guy my mom was dating at the time). contacted me, cuz he did a Google search on my name.
imprincessapril From: imprincessapril Date: January 13th, 2003 06:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
My real dad's last name is rare. I'm, to my knowledge, the ONLY April Hislastname there is... but not that it's a big deal, as I ceased using his last name when I was 5, even though, legally, it was still my name until I was married.
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