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Egah! It's been a whole week since I posted in my journal. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I just haven't been in much of a sharing mood, I suppose.

Over the past week I haven't done much aside from hanging out with Danielle and Pazzo (her pekingese-slash-poodle creature). I had the day off yesterday, but Danielle had to go into the office, so I got to chill out all day with Pazzo. I spent most of the holiday napping and working on websites. Landlady Mary stopped by for a visit and informed me that the dog can't hang out at my place so often unless I want to fork up the pet deposit -- one thousand simoleons. Less Pazzo means less Danielle, so we're having a hard time deciding exactly what to do.

On Saturday D-Money and I had a date. We went to Red Lobster for an early dinner, expecting we would beat the crowd. We got there right at five, but we didn't get a table until nearly six. I swear, people in this town must really love their Red Lobster. Then again, it seems like nearly any restaurant in the Arden neighborhood is going to make you wait forever on a Saturday night. It makes me wish I knew where more of the little off-the-beaten-path restaurants were, although that knowledge would probably not supress my appetite for overly-popular chain restaurants. Wait, I'm off on a tangent...

Yeah, Danielle and I had some Red Lobster on Saturday. I don't dig on shellfish, but they serve some really tasty cajun chicken linguini, so no complaints here. After dinner we saw 25th Hour starring our friend Ed Norton. Despite all the good reviews, I have to admit that the movie was rather disappointing. It had interesting characters and convincing performances, but it really had no plot. If you haven't seen it already, I'd advise you to wait for video.

Sooooo, aside from working and watching TV, there hasn't been a whole lot going on. Things have been quiet, and that is good. I like it that way.

Time to file my TPS report.

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